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We are one of the fastest growing Ultrasound testing centers in the Greater Houston Area

Pelvic Ultrasounds
Musculoskeletal ultrasounds
Obstetric Ultrasounds
Abdominal Ultrasounds

Welcome to Sterling Diagnostic Testing Services

For the past decade, we have been committed to improving the accessibility of healthcare to the masses through the application of technology and innovative approaches to diagnostic testing. Sterling Diagnostic Testing Services was birthed as a way to provide diagnostic testing to those that need it in a accurate, efficient, and cost effective way.

It all starts with putting patients and families at the forefront. Our efforts focus not only on providing exceptional patient care when it is needed, but also on the wellness services and community outreach that engage and empower the people we serve to take charge of their health. All delivered by a team of mission driven clinicians, doctors, and support staff.

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Different types of Diagnostic Testing Services for your health

Pelvic Ultrasounds

Abdominal Ultrasounds

Obstetric Ultrasounds

Thyroid Ultrasounds

Musculoskeletal Ultrasounds

Breast Ultrasounds


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Sterling Diagnostic Testing Services. Takes pride in our customer service and up-to-date technology. We treat all patients like family with the respect and kindness they deserve. Our company will match or beat competitor pricing Welcome to Sterling Diagnostic Testing Services.

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Our goal has always been to provide you an affordable competitive rate that benefits your facility.

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